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Saturday, July 26, 2008

More updates

Lessee, what else is going on ...

Well yes, living in Oak Bay for over a year now. Never thought I'd like it here with all the stereotyping but I actually do. I love that it's really quiet and peaceful and everyone minds their own business. It's also quite central and close to work - well my work anyway. We're within a short walk to the water which I really like and close to shopping and other stuff. Still, sometimes it's a bit surreal to walk around in early evening with not another soul around - where the $%#$ is everyone??

Work? Well work is work and I'm still at St. Ann's at the same ministry. Hard to believe but I've been there 10 years now - holy $^#@! Mind, I've moved around a lot and been in lots of different positions and areas but that's still a big chunk of time. I've been in the current position for 3+ years now and really do enjoy it. Challenging but rewarding at the same time. However ...

I've accepted a 7-mos TA to work in Vancouver, starting in mid-October! It's an office formerly in another ministry but now part of ours as a result of the recent shuffle. Still in the area I've currently working in and really enjoy so that's a real plus, and I already know the manager and some of the staff there so again, another advantage. With all those positives, I guess the risk or unknown is really with the prospect of living in Van after 16 years of living in Vic. I can't quite wrap my mind around that yet.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well it's about damn time.

I can't believe that it's been two years, well actually more than that, that I last posted here. Holy macaroni as one of my colleagues would say (I can't believe I'm quoting her).

I just read the last post and yep, lots have happened in the interim this time around too.

Let's see ....

  • Separation agreement was finalized in July 2007 and the cheque was cut, so to speak. The last bit of that process was such an ordeal - hard to even think about it even now. So much animosity, I think it really ruined any shred of our relationship.
  • And I filed for divorce later that year -- why wait was my thinking -- that became final in February 2007. Have to say that felt REALLY good and quite empowering.
  • Things have worked out with G. Give him perseverance for hanging in there thru thick and thin with me. I still find it hard to trust completely and feel committed fully but I think I'm making progress. I find it scary how much I care about him -- but I do inspite of myself.
  • We've done some travelling together -- 3 weeks in Cambodia in Nov 2006, that was a great trip and fulfilled a long-held wish of mine. We also did short trips to Maui in April 2007 and Cancun in Jan 2008, as well as Calgary twice - for Stampede in July 2007 and again in Nov for G's dad's bday. Hope to go somewhere overseas this fall.
  • I guess the biggest change of all - we moved in together last May 2007. I was tired of my basement suite and we were spending lots of time together anyway. We ended up finding a nice little house to rent in deepest darkest Oak Bay - my faves are the two baths and the dishwasher. We've had lots of fun fixing it up to suit us and furnishing. It's nice to have a place where you really feel at home.
There's more - but that'll be in the next post.