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Saturday, July 26, 2008

More updates

Lessee, what else is going on ...

Well yes, living in Oak Bay for over a year now. Never thought I'd like it here with all the stereotyping but I actually do. I love that it's really quiet and peaceful and everyone minds their own business. It's also quite central and close to work - well my work anyway. We're within a short walk to the water which I really like and close to shopping and other stuff. Still, sometimes it's a bit surreal to walk around in early evening with not another soul around - where the $%#$ is everyone??

Work? Well work is work and I'm still at St. Ann's at the same ministry. Hard to believe but I've been there 10 years now - holy $^#@! Mind, I've moved around a lot and been in lots of different positions and areas but that's still a big chunk of time. I've been in the current position for 3+ years now and really do enjoy it. Challenging but rewarding at the same time. However ...

I've accepted a 7-mos TA to work in Vancouver, starting in mid-October! It's an office formerly in another ministry but now part of ours as a result of the recent shuffle. Still in the area I've currently working in and really enjoy so that's a real plus, and I already know the manager and some of the staff there so again, another advantage. With all those positives, I guess the risk or unknown is really with the prospect of living in Van after 16 years of living in Vic. I can't quite wrap my mind around that yet.


  • I don't think you had a blog the last time I checked you out. I like your name, encompasses it all.

    And now that you've moved back to the mainland, you gonna update on how that's been? Besides the lack of frequent flyer points on the ferry I mean. ;>

    By Blogger Epicure68, at 8:16 AM  

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